The Pennsylvania Harm Reduction Coalition (PAHRC) is a collaboration between various organizations including treatment providers, harm reduction programs, medical entities, social service agencies, academia, criminal justice reform projects, activists, and ordinary people.

The mission of PAHRC is to promote the health, dignity, and human rights of individuals who use drugs and communities impacted by drug use. Recognizing that social inequity, criminalization, and stigma silence those affected most, we advocate for policies that improve the quality of life for people who use drugs, people in recovery, and their communities. 

PAHRC is dedicated to advocating for, and with, individuals who are currently using substances to receive competent care and comprehensive services. Our immediate goal is to expand access to sterile injection equipment, naloxone, and other harm reduction oriented services throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We welcome anyone who is interested in promoting evidence-based and humane responses to substance use to join us!


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    My Work as a Certified Recovery Specialist in a Harm Reduction Community

    “Experience is of supreme value” - Henry Ford As my disease of addiction progressed and moved through my life like a tornado twisting and turning and eventually separating me from society. I became isolated, hopeless and had sacrificed everything that was once precious to me it took away my job, my marriage, home and the loving relationships with my family. I was disconnected from the world as I once knew it and was in full flight of reality. The fact that I’m alive today is nothing short of a miracle.
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    Meet Lois Hagarty: Influential Lobbyist Standing with PAHRC to Fight for Syringe Service Programs

    Pennsylvania Harm Reduction Coalition (PAHRC) is excited to announce our newest partnership with Lois Sherman Hagarty—a 13-year veteran of the Pennsylvania Legislature and principal at State Street Advisors. We are incredibly grateful that Lois has agreed to support our mission at PAHRC by taking us on as a pro bono client and support our work on expanding access to sterile syringes for people who use drugs. Working with her comes at a critical time for our organization and for the state of Pennsylvania. She will be an invaluable resource as we continue to advocate for much-needed changes that help improve the quality of life for people who use drugs, people in recovery, and their communities. One of these much-needed changes include implementing Syringe Service Programs (SSPs) across Pennsylvania. SSPs, also referred to as needle exchange programs, syringe exchange programs, or syringe access programs, reduce the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C, reduce overdose deaths, and increase entry into substance use treatment (people who interact with SSPs are five times more likely to enter treatment).
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