Call for Abstracts

Thank you for your interest in the PAHRC statewide conference in 2020, "A Safety First Approach". The conference will be held on October 26 + 27 at the Sheraton Harrisburg. Proposals are being accepted for breakout sessions (60 minutes each) across our 3 conference tracks and for research posters. The deadline to submit your proposal is April 17th.

Please visit this link to submit your proposal. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Conference Tracks:

Medical: The medical track is for professionals within the medical field who are looking to expand their knowledge and receive in-depth information on innovative solutions which address the opioid epidemic. A broad range of medical topics will be covered, which are all aimed to support professionals in becoming part of the solution to the epidemic.

Clinical: The clinical track is for addiction and mental health clinicians who are looking to better support their clients that are directly impacted by the epidemic. This track will focus on a broad range of therapeutic topics that ultimately aim to increase awareness and provide evidence-based solutions in working with individuals that are directly impacted.

Community: The community track is our broadest in scope designed for a diverse range of professionals, individuals and communities ranging anywhere from family members, peer advocates, and grassroots organizations. Topics within this track have an emphasis on community actions and interventions that support individuals directly affected by the epidemic.

Research Posters: Research posters are designed to cover research projects on a broad range of topics covering harm reduction, opioid use, recovery, primary care, peer services, and many others. Posters proposals are open to both professionals, academics, and students.



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