A Safety-First Approach to the Overdose Epidemic

Advocates, clinicians, professionals, and community leaders will be coming together for a 2-day statewide conference on October 28th and 29th in Harrisburg to discuss cutting edge research and evidence-based solutions to the overdose epidemic. Registration and travel/lodging information are now available. If you are interested in sponsoring the conference, all sponsorships are due by July 10th, 2019.

We invite you to stand with us to be part of the solution by joining one of our four unique conference tracks—each designed to bring you the latest education and opportunities for growth in your specific field.


The medical track is for professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge and receive in-depth information on innovative solutions which address the opioid epidemic. A broad range of medical topics will be covered, which are all aimed to support professionals in becoming part of the solution to the epidemic.

Who should join this track?

  •       Physicians
  •       Pharmacists 
  •       Medical assistants
  •       Physician assistants
  •       RNs, LPNs, CNAs, NPs


The clinical track is for addiction and mental health clinicians who are looking to better support their clients that are directly impacted by the epidemic. This track will focus on a broad range of therapeutic topics that ultimately aim to increase awareness and provide evidence-based solutions in working with individuals that are directly impacted.

Who should join this track?

  • Social workers
  • Psychologists
  • Marriage and family therapists
  • Counselors
  • Treatment providers


The community track is our broadest in scope designed for a diverse range of professionals, individuals and communities ranging anywhere from family members, peer advocates, and grassroots organizations. Topics within this track have an emphasis on community actions and interventions that support individuals directly affected by the epidemic.

Who should join this track?

  • Community leaders
  • Advocates
  • Grassroots organizations   

Law Enforcement Track (October 28th only)

1-day specialty track: Reduced price $35 - Register here
Understanding that law enforcement plays a pivotal role in the overdose crisis, this 1-day specialized track will supply law enforcement officers with critical skills proven to better support their communities. These skills will serve as the basis for an extended discussion around how and why it is beneficial to approach substance use & the overdose crisis from an evidence-based, public health perspective.


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