Harm Reduction Training

The Pennsylvania Harm Reduction Coalition cares deeply about the health and well-being of all people — including people who use drugs (PWUD) and communities impacted by drug use.

Our harm reduction training initiative is rooted in the idea that drug use is part of the human experience and affects all communities. Our training centers impacted voices, discusses the philosophy and mindset of harm reduction, and delivers practical solutions to our nation’s crisis of addiction.

We teach that making connections, reducing harm, providing support, and increasing knowledge are powerful solutions to complex problems — especially in communities that have been marginalized and oppressed. We see our training as a tool to engage with and build a community of passionate, empowered, educated, and effective harm reductionists — improving the health and safety of every community in America. 

Our harm reduction trainings are designed to meet your organizational needs and serve a broad range of professionals. We have trained diverse groups, including politicians, healthcare professionals, drug and alcohol and behavioral health professionals, law enforcement, and senior leadership across many industries.

Our training is comprehensive and is guided by the following themes:

  • Human Rights 
  • Practical Solutions
  • Risk Mitigation by Focusing on Harms
  • Maximizing Solutions
  • Prioritizing Critical Needs and Goals
  • Centering People Who Use Drugs
  • Social Justice

If you would like to request a training, or to receive more information about our harm reduction training program, please fill out the form below. Our staff will get back to you shortly!


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