Welcome to our H.E.R.O. Initiative!

As the current overdose crisis continues to ravage our communities it is critical that we unite our voices - those of us who are students, who are in public health or helping professions, or who are personally affected by the opioid epidemic. Together we can use our voices, skills, & education to influence policy and save lives!

The Pennsylvania Harm Reduction Coalition is looking to better organize our existing base of volunteers, people in recovery, and individuals passionate about ending the overdose epidemic into regional advocacy teams in an effort to better educate legislators and local policy makers on the most effective and compassionate responses to the opioid epidemic.

Through our HERO Initiative, we will be holding advocacy trainings across the state to provide attendees with actionable steps to advocate for policy change and the skills to be part of helping to enact progressive change in the Keystone State.

  • Gain knowledge on the basics of harm reduction and what is meant by spectrum of recovery
  • Discover how a bill is made and what that means for policy advocacy
  • Demystify and the process of interacting with elected officials. Find out about the different ways to initiate a conversation and increase confidence in those exchanges
  • Learn how to craft your story and gain the necessary talking points for a successful visit with your elected officials

Join us by becoming a HERO in your community!




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