June 2020 Newsletter

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Thank you for being a supporter of our mission here at the Pennsylvania Harm Reduction Coalition. We have some exciting announcements and updates for you this month!

Special Announcements:

Registration is open for Harm Reduction at the IntersectionThis year, we are teaming up with the Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition to bring you an interactive, week-long digital conference. If you missed our live announcement on Facebook, be sure to watch the replay to learn more about our shared vision for the conference!

Coalition Updates:

How you can be part of the solution: People across America are no longer able to ignore the racial disparities in our communities. In case you missed our recent video on our social media platforms, please take a few minutes out of your day to watch this important message from our Executive Director, Devin Reaves.

Updated training program options: Our team has worked to build out our existing training program to support a broader range of professionals. Please visit our training webpage to learn more about our training approach through the lens of our three key areas of focus: Harm Reduction, Anti-Racism, and Medical Professionals.

War on Drugs Explained: Our War On Drugs webinar recording with Tracie Gardner from Legal Action Center and Devin Reaves is up on YouTube! This webinar will help you deconstruct the war on drugs and better understand how race has played a key role in the development of American drug policy. If you missed it live last month and would like to watch, or if you would like to share this important resource with your community, please visit this link!

Upcoming Events:

Harm Reduction X Sex Work Webinar: June 24th @ 5:30pm EST - Register here! (Note: If you registered for our original date in early June, there is NO NEED to re-register--we already have you on the list!)

Online Opioid Response Advocacy Forum: July 7th + 9th @ 5:30pm EST - Register here!

Harm Reduction at the Intersection: Week of October 26th - Register here!

PAHRC in the News:

June 19, 2020: Devin Reaves: We can’t have black liberation without ending War on Drugs - Op-Ed by Devin Reaves, PAHRC Executive Director

June 2, 2020: Saving PA Hospitals Critical for Health of People Who Use Drugs, Our Communities - Op-Ed by Sean Fogler, PAHRC Director of Development & Education

That's all for now! Thank you again for being a supporter of our mission here at the Pennsylvania Harm Reduction Coalition!


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