Matt Tice

  • Housing First & Harm Reduction: Fundamental Rights Hand-in-Hand

    Our most basic needs for survival are food, water, warmth, and rest, but a person is only able to maintain these things if they first have safety and security.

    When someone is living on the street, it takes a huge amount of effort, on a daily basis, to stay on top of these basic needs.  Resolving the issues that led them to be on the street might have to take a back seat. People tell our staff all the time that, prior to housing, they wanted to do something about their underlying issues, but living was the priority. Dealing with serious mental illness, trauma, substance use, or lack of independent living skills are absolutely important, but you might not know-how to start if you also don’t have a picture where your next meal is coming from, or whether you will find shelter during the next heatwave.

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#HousingFirst #HarmReduction Advocate, Clinical Director - Pathways to Housing PA. Philly. LCSW. He/him/his. Opinions my own.


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