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  • Harm Reduction: Law Enforcement’s New Strategy to End the War on Drugs

    In 2018 the Pennsylvania Harm Reduction Coalition (PAHRC) embarked on an unlikely journey with the Pennsylvania Sheriffs Association (PSA). Funded by a grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies and working closely with Vital Strategies, our organization stepped into uncharted waters.

    In that same year almost 5000 Pennsylvanian’s died of a drug overdose — a rate that’s close to double the national average. The data paints a grim picture but remember these are lives. Each death is a life lost, a wounded family, and a community harmed in endless ways. This we cannot accept.

    In 1980 over 40,000 people were incarcerated for drug crimes, today that number is almost 500,000 — an increase of 1,000 percent. Nationally, almost 70,000 people died of an accidental drug overdose in 2018, exceeding deaths from firearms, car accidents, and HIV/AIDS. The financial cost is staggering. The White House Council of Economic Advisers estimates almost $1 trillion is lost each year to the disease of addiction — and things aren’t improving.

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    Become an Advocate

    PAHRC believes that grassroots advocacy is the most effective way to create change and effectively respond to the opioid epidemic in Pennsylvania. When done well, grassroots advocacy creates space for anyone and everyone who cares about an issue to share their stories, speak their truths, and advocate for the policies they believe in. That’s why PAHRC needs you: your story, ideas, and passion can only make us stronger and more effective advocates, care providers, and compassionate human beings.

    How We Engage in Grassroots Advocacy

    We train Advocates to speak effectively about their personal experience and equip them with research on access to sterile syringes, the importance of naloxone, and other harm reduction methods. Our Advocates work across the state and support each other in having conversations and reaching out to members of their communities. Chances are that you have already done some advocacy work in your community without realizing it: whether it’s at a family dinner, in a school club, or with your friends, we want to give you the tools to keep doing it and become even more effective.

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