PAHRC Training Initiative

A key piece of our mission at the Pennsylvania Harm Reduction Coalition (PAHRC) is to educate others and provide solutions around the topics of harm reduction, racial & social justice, substance use disorders, advocacy, and the war on drugs.

With the support of our Director of Development & Education, Sean Fogler, PAHRC has developed a training initiative to help us further our mission to help professionals and community members make strides towards positive change in Pennsylvania and beyond. Our experienced trainers have facilitated trainings for a wide range of groups including law enforcement, healthcare professionals, social workers, lawyers, judges, parents, peer advocates, teens, college students, and more.

Some common training topics include:
Harm Reduction Training
Medical Professional Training
Racial & Social Justice in the Recovery & Harm Reduction Field
Community Advocacy Trainings for Students & Professionals
The War on Drugs Explained
Harm Reduction for Recovery Coaches
Public Health Response to the Overdose Crisis for Law Enforcement
Harm Reduction in Treatment Settings

Please submit a request below if you are interested in working with PAHRC to organize a training for your community/organization. We can't wait to hear from you!


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