Harm Reduction Training Initiative

A key piece of our mission here at the Pennsylvania Harm Reduction Coalition (PAHRC) is to educate others and provide solutions around the topics of substance use disorder, harm reduction, advocacy, recovery, medication-assisted recovery, social inequality, and the war on drugs.

With the support of our Executive Director Devin Reaves, PAHRC has developed a harm reduction training initiative to help us further our mission to help professionals and community members make strides towards positive change in the keystone state. Our experienced trainers have facilitated trainings for a wide range of groups including law enforcement, healthcare professionals, social workers, lawyers, judges, parents, peer advocates, teens, college students, and more.

Some of our recent trainings include:
Community Advocacy Trainings
Harm Reduction for Recovery Coaches
Harm Reduction in Treatment Settings
Public Health Response to Overdose Crisis for Law Enforcement

More about Devin Reaves:

Devin brings in years of experience and a wealth of knowledge into the trainings he designs for PAHRC. Since graduating with a Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania in 2013, Devin has presented at conferences and delivered multiple keynotes on a variety of topics including utilizing psychopharmacology for opioid use disorder, harm reduction, the multiple pathways to recovery from substance use disorder, and structural racism and its effects on health care. He has also done corporate training since 2012 while working with Red Kite Project, training new employees and senior staff at SEPTA on cultural competency, de-escalation techniques and customer service. His facilitation style has been influenced by many teachers and methodologies, making the training curriculum he builds for PAHRC to be creative, interactive and impactful.

"Devin has a way of capturing his audience unlike many others in the field. He engages you directly and brings you into the conversation. He's experienced in and educated on a variety of critical issues affecting individuals in communities around the country. He's highly regarded and makes for an excellent choice for a number of different speaking engagements."
Tim Rabolt, Executive Director, Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE)

“Devin Reaves, the opening keynote speaker at the National Conference on Juvenile Justice, is truly captivating from his personal testimonial, as a person living in recovery, to his professional expertise. Devin highlights the importance of advocacy and community organization throughout the country and how to help others find resilience in recovery by guiding individuals on a path to wellness.”
- Anthony “Tony” Capizzi, Administrative Judge, Montgomery County Juvenile Court

Please submit a request below if you are interested in working with PAHRC to organize a training for your community/organization. We can't wait to hear from you!


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